Control and software design development engineers (Fukuoka prefecture)

料金: 4,000,000 ~ 7,000,000 yen /year
雇用形態種別: フルタイム

※※Required both business level of Japanese and English skills※※

It is a global company with overseas bases such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore!
Those who want to hone their skills in Japan and show their strengths in their bases are welcome!

■Job Description
You will be in charge of mechanical design of inspection equipment for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
Specifically, we will be in charge of device element development (concept determination, prototyping, verification), mechanism design, modification design, piping design, etc., and will also give assembly instructions in the manufacturing process after development.
In addition, you will be responsible for business trips such as starting up, adjusting, troubleshooting, and remodeling equipment at companies in Japan and overseas.

■The talented person who demands it
・ Experience developing embedded software such as various devices in C, C # or assembler
・ Those who have development experience in a real-time OS environment
・ Those who have management and leadership experience

Annual income
4,000,000 yen ~ 7,000,000 yen

■Working hours

■Benefits and Support
・ Social insurances
・ With company housing
・ Transportation expenses payment

Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays
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